Meet Abigail, the Food Blogger Who Went From Not Knowing What to Write About to Creating a Viral Hit That Was Shared 114,000 Times

Abigail is a food blogger and wellness coach. She’s passionate about living a happy and healthy life, starting in the kitchen. In 2008 she was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease and realized what a huge difference the food we eat can make in our lives. And she wanted to share it with the world…

But she was struggling to create content that people wanted to read and share: Abigail had a blog… but no readers. And her email list was nonexistent. But after she joined BTC, she was able to kick-start her growth – she added over 550 subscribers in the first 30 days and landed two HUGE viral hits.

“I didn’t know what to blog about and I was struggling to create content that stood out.”

Abigail had a general idea for her blog topic: She wanted to share her tips on eating healthier and living a happier life.

The only problem? There are already millions of food and wellness blogs… and Abigail didn’t know what to write about to make her blog stand out from the crowd:

There is so much content online that it is easy for your voice to get lost.

How Do You Cut Through the Noise?

At first, she took the trial and error approach: Abigail took her great ideas, and just started writing…

And she experienced first hand what so many bloggers struggle with: her blog remained a ghost town. Population 0.

You see, a lot of people THINK they know how to create good content. But yet, they struggle to build an audience.

I had no idea how to get people to my site. And I didn’t know how to create content that would help me build an audience.

But as Abigail learned once she joined Blog that Converts, the problem wasn’t the quality of her content:

The problem was not WHAT she was saying. The problem was HOW she was saying it. She just didn’t understand…

The Psychology of Good Content

You see, if you want people to read and share your content, you NEED to understand the underlying psychology of great content.

Now imagine this: What if you had a TEMPLATE with those psychological triggers BUILT-IN?

Well, guess what: I share 7 of these “Content Archetypes” inside Module 2 of Blog that Converts 2.0. And Abigail used just ONE of them to help her get MASSIVE results:

I used one of the content archetypes to create an article that was shared 114,000 times and got 282 comments…

Ok, maybe she just got lucky. But then she did it AGAIN!

…and one of my others 85,933 shares and 1216 comments!

Now, of course I can’t promise you results like that. But I CAN promise you this:

A Strategic Blueprint for Content That Can Generate Both Leads And Sales

When most people think about creating content on their blog, they often have NO IDEA where – and how – to get started. So they do what other people do: they just start creating and HOPE something lands. It’s as if they’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping SOMETHING sticks.

…but that’s a silly way to build a blog. Especially if you’re looking to build that blog to start – and grow – an online business.

That’s why I put together a BLUEPRINT for content creation. In addition to sharing 7 content archetypes, I’ll also walk you through what I call “Content Triggers.” These “triggers” help you understand why people share content and can help you make viral content.

Abigail landed two HUGE viral hits. She grew her email list from 0 to 550 subscribers in one month. And that’s just the beginning for Abigail:

I’ve been interviewed by a popular UK magazine and I’ve landed regular paid writing work!

Not too bad for a new blog. And for someone who started out with NO idea how to stand out in a competitive field…

So when I asked Abigail the one piece of advice she’d give someone who was considering enrolling in Blog that Converts, here’s what she said:

Do it! Blog That Converts will help you stand out and it will give you an actionable blueprint that you can start implementing right away and get results.

And those are her words.

Now, as you know, creating content is only one little piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. I also go over a lot of other essential material like:

  • How to create traffic spikes on your blog
  • How to come up with your first product idea

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