Meet Erika, the Business Coach Who Finally Found Her Voice… And a Way to Connect With a Bigger Audience (Without Selling Out)

Erika is a small business coach with lots of entrepreneurial experience. Her passion is sharing her knowledge to help as many people as possible succeed. Erika always found it easy to connect with her coaching clients in-person. But she was struggling to find her voice online. Plus, she didn’t want to sell out just to get more clicks…

Erika used to get only a handful of likes per post. But within a few weeks of joining BTC, her numbers skyrocketed: One of her first posts got 348 likes! Most importantly, it felt like she was staying true to herself.

“Now that I’ve done BTC, I’m SO much more confident about blogging and I’m enjoying it!”

Let’s get real… Writing a blog is no easy task. Heck, writing ANYTHING is hard:

How do you craft content that HELPS your readers, has the potential to go VIRAL, and meets the high demands you set for YOURSELF?

When I first got started – whether I was writing blog posts, video scripts, or webinars – it was tedious. And time consuming. AND FRUSTRATING.

And Erika was struggling with a very similar problem…

The thing is, even though I’m a good writer, I knew I didn’t want to ‘sell out’ and write only for the ‘numbers’. I wanted to be able to write from my heart– but I wanted that writing to speak to OTHER people in a way that would increase my reach and impact.

What it comes down to is this:

How Do You Connect With People Online?

Offline, Erika got to spend a lot of in-person time with her clients, so it was easy to build rapport. But how do you do it online?

My main problem (…) was getting the rest of the world to see the ‘real’ me.”

Well, here’s the good news:

Inside BTC I go over 6 proven psychological triggers that help you connect with your audience online. And it doesn’t matter WHAT your message is. You see, it’s not what you’re saying, it’s HOW you say it…

Proven Content Archetypes

And actually, I’ve made it even easier for you:

Over the years I’ve created 7 content “archetypes” with these triggers BUILT-IN. It’s a step-by-step roadmap help you connect with your audience. And that’s what Erika’s talking about here:

I now have a structure for my ideas and a way to convey my personality while still making my articles about my reader – not about ME.

Timeless Principles: For Results Today AND in the Long-run…

Can these archetypes really work for you?

Well, you don’t have to take MY word for it. Erika’s results – along with all the other case studies – speak for themselves:

Before BTC, I never received more than a handful of likes or shares on my posts. But a few weeks after starting the course, one post received 348 likes and 73 tweets! So in case it’s not clear: Blog That Converts took me from a handful of shares to hundreds in a few weeks.

The best part? This is not some “here today, gone tomorrow” tactic… These strategies are based on timeless principles, so they’ll continue to pay off in the long-run.

Having this kind of behind-the-scenes access to [Derek] has been invaluable to me – and will continue to be, I’m sure, as I use the timeless principles I’ve learned going forward.

And that’s exactly what Erika mentioned when I asked about her experience with the training. Plus, she had some nice things to say about me as a teacher, which of course made me smile:

I found [Derek], as a teacher, to be engaging and entertaining […] I was really drawn in by [his] style and never felt bored learning from [him]. [He’s] a great storyteller who uses real-world examples that I can relate to.

Thinking about joining Blog that Converts? Of course, our content triggers and archetypes are only part of the course. The training covers a lot more material like:

  • How to generate traffic spikes and grow your blog FAST
  • How to turn your readers into subscribers, and subscribers into customers

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