Meet Karen, the Single-Mother Who Followed Her Gut and Found the Blueprint for Her Blog

Karen is a single-mother, author, and freelance writer. She loves what she does, but time and money were always tight. But after blogging for more than a YEAR – with much frustration and little results – she followed her gut and joined BTC…

And she didn’t regret it: Karen found the answers she was looking for. And she increased her subscribers by 23% within 5 WEEKS.

“Oh how I wish I’d known all this before!”

When you run a blog, there are lots of questions you have to answer:

  • What should you write about?
  • How often should you update?
  • How long should your articles be?
  • What’s the best way to get more readers?
  • How can you make money with your blog?

It’s easy to feel OVERWHELMED. And that’s exactly how Karen felt:

One of my biggest struggles was to figure out what aspects of my blog I should focus on – what would really work and be the best use of my time.

The truth is, when you don’t have a plan, blogging can be frustrating. And after more than a year, Karen had had enough…

The Problem With Free Advice

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll just figure it out on my own”. In fact, that’s what Karen tried, too:

I pretty much figure I can research and figure out anything myself so I often decide not to spend money on courses.

And it’s true: There’s plenty of “free advice” on building a blog. And it’s usually worth exactly what you pay for it…

Who knows? Maybe you have the time to sift through the advice from a dozen different “experts” that tell you to do 27 different things…

But Karen decided it was time for a smarter approach:

I had already had my blog for more than a year when I started the course. As an author, single mother, and freelance writer, I’m in constant need of working smarter.

And that’s exactly what’s different about BTC:

You see, Blog that Converts is not just a collection of blogging tips. It’s a SYSTEM. From finding your niche, to crafting your content, to getting traffic, and making money – it all WORKS TOGETHER.

A Blueprint That Works

It wasn’t an easy decision for Karen…

Money is tight in my house so I’m very selective about where I spend money.

…but she got what she was hoping for:

I consider the course my blueprint for creating and maintaining a successful blog. BTC gave me specific actionable ideas which worked as soon as I put them into practice. The information in BTC has helped me work a lot smarter rather than just working more on my blog.


AND, it can’t go without being said that the other BTC students are awesome, helpful, and a huge bonus in this whole process and the private FB group we have is invaluable.

The Right Decision

Check out her results:

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