Meet Nick, the Author Who Went From 500 to 6,000 Subscribers in 6 Months and Made $130k From His First Launch

Nick is an author and book marketer. His passion is writing both fiction and nonfiction books. Nick started his blog, because he wanted to create an online course for authors. But his blog attracted only 10-15 people a day. And almost NOBODY joined his email list… It took 2 long years to get to 500 subscribers – not enough for Nick to launch his course.

But within less than 6 months after joining Blog that Converts, Nick was able to grow his list to almost 6,000 subscribers. He finally had the list and the CONFIDENCE to launch. Using the Blog that Converts system, he went on to create his first online course – and made $130k in revenue!

“I wanted to create an online course, but with only 500 subscribers, I was worried it would be a dud.”

I’m sure you’ve felt this way:

You have a personal goal, a business idea, or a vision for the kind of life you want to live. Maybe your motivation is as clear as it was for Nick, who wanted to create an online course for authors. Maybe you already have a product or a service, but you want MORE customers. Or maybe, it’s NOT clear at all…

…maybe all you know is that you want to make an impact by doing what you love. But somehow you’re STUCK. And Nick was stuck, too:

Getting “Unstuck”

He had a blog, but he was getting NO traffic. And he had to fight tooth and nail for every subscriber.

Of course he was worried his product would fail! So he put it off and just kept doing what he was doing. And because he DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO START, he kept struggling. For more than two years…

But Nick was able to turn around his blog. Because he put his trust in the Blog that Converts SYSTEM:

I didn’t know where to start. But Blog that Converts gave me a proven strategy – I just followed the steps. Derek made it really easy – and fun 🙂

Navigating the Minefield of “Experts”

There’s no shortage of self-proclaimed experts on building a blog (don’t get me started…). And sometimes it’s hard to know what’s just talk, and what gets REAL RESULTS, right?

Using only ONE of the strategies inside Blog that Converts, Nick got featured on a major podcast. And his traffic went through the roof…

These methods work! It seems like a minefield out there, but BTC gives you the roadmap to get through it all

And Nick’s email list started growing, too. Months after he got featured, he was still adding 50 subscribers a DAY!

Using a different technique, Nick was able to take his blog from 15-20 comments per post to 40-50 comments per post. And Nick’s traffic is still on the rise…

Really? A Blog can do ALL THAT?

Nick had the passion and the drive. Blog that Converts gave him a roadmap that helped him turn his passion into a six-figure online business:

He went from adding 20 subscribers a month to adding 1,000 subscribers a month. And from NO revenue, to $130k with a single launch. But that’s not all…

Nick got to experience the fulfillment of being recognized for his work: He was invited to be a keynote speaker at a major a book conference. And he’s received other international speaking opportunities, too…

Nick’s advice:

Don’t hesitate – sign up! I invested in BTC because I know Derek was on the level. And the results speak for themselves. I can definitely measure just how much BTC has helped me get there.

Do you see yourself in Nick’s story? Then Blog that Converts can help you get there, too.

Now, as you know, getting traffic is only one little piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. I also go over a lot of other essential material like:

  • How to package your content so its easy to find, digest, and share
  • How to come up with with your first product or service idea

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