Meet Maya, the Leadership Coach Who Used BTC to Narrow Down Her Niche and TRIPLE Her Traffic

Maya is a business leadership expert. She has a passion for helping people and takes a holistic approach to coaching. Maya didn’t know how to position herself within the broad topic of “leadership”. So she tried to copy the big blogs in her space. Only, she wasn’t getting much traffic…

Blog that Converts helped Maya get laser-focused. And by using the BTC content strategy she was able to TRIPLE her traffic within weeks.

“Blog That Converts helped me feel like I wasn’t nailing jello to the wall anymore!”

I know the feeling:

When you’re passionate about a big topic like leadership – or ANY broad topic – it can be tough to narrow down and find YOUR niche. It’s just all so fascinating!

And that’s the challenge Maya was facing, too:

The biggest challenge by far was figuring out exactly how to find my niche.

Well, Maya decided to try and COPY the blogs she was reading. She probably thought, “If it works for them, it must work for me, right?”


Modeling After the Wrong Sites…

The sites Maya was reading were some of the most popular leadership blogs on the web…

She saw those sites get traffic, so she tried to model her blog the same way. But here’s the problem:

It takes a very DIFFERENT approach to grow and monetize a small blog than what the big sites are doing…

Thanks to Blog that Converts, Maya was able to change her approach:

I realized that many successful leadership “competitor” blogs out there… Even though they get lots of traffic, they weren’t offering content that really helped their readers take the next step and actually be able to DO something that made them better leaders.

But the changes did stop there…

A Step-by-step Solution to Find Your Niche And Grow Your Audience

You see, there’s a proven process to grow a small blog into a big one. I’ve done it multiple times, in different niches. And Maya is only one of the hundreds of BTC students who were able to do it, too…

The first part of the process is a step-by-step solution to to position yourself as an expert without pigeon-holing yourself and limiting future growth.

Maya says:

Blog That Converts was great in helping me focus on specific leadership topics, and blogging about action steps that my readers could benefit from. Leadership is SUCH a vague concept to begin with, and Blog That Converts helped me feel like I wasn’t nailing jello to the wall anymore! I was able to identify topic areas where I could establish my expertise.

The second step is to craft content your readers want to read and share:

The Blog That Converts content creation techniques really helped me develop content that people find valuable.

3X More Traffic, Shares, and Comments

Maya’s results show that Blog that Converts can work for you as well:

Just by using two of the content creation techniques from Blog That Converts, my page visits have tripled. I recently wrote a blog post [that] received 25 re-posts & comments – my previous blog updates would be lucky to get more than 5…

Now, finding your niche and crafting content people share is only one piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. The training covers a lot more material like:

  • How to grow your email list without being a slave to content creation
  • How to validate and sell your first product or service

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