Meet Deacon, the Father With a Full Time Job Who Built A Lifestyle Business in His Spare Time

Deacon is a family man (his boy just turned 3) with a full-time job… and a dream: Deacon wanted to build a lifestyle business that would eventually support his family. But most of the tips other “experts” were dishing out just didn’t work for him. They were too time-consuming and he wasn’t seeing any results…

But within a few months Deacon was working with 8 new clients as a life coach – more clients than he’d attracted in the full year before Blog that Converts!

“My time is extremely limited, and I need to spend it on high impact activities.”

You’re busy, I get it…

You’ve got a full-time job. You’re dealing with the small struggles of each day. And you have to deal with the bigger challenges that life tends to throw at us, when we least expect it:

If you’re not careful, these “obligations” quickly take up all of your time AND energy. But at the same time, for so many of us, one thing remains: The urge to build something of our own.

And that’s exactly the dilemma Deacon found himself in:

I’m incredibly serious about my blog (Life Stoked), but I also have a wife, a ten month old son, and a full-time job.

When you’re as busy as Deacon, you don’t have any time to waste. So it’s CRUCIAL that you focus on what works. Plus, you need to go about it in an efficient way. The question is: How?

From Focusing on the Wrong Things…

Deacon’s approach before Blog that Converts was backwards in TWO ways:

He was spending a lot of time on stuff that didn’t matter. And when he was doing things that had the potential to get results, he just wasn’t being efficient enough:

I thought it was 90% about creating amazing content: I create great stuff, share it through my network, and if I create something awesome enough then it will grow organically. [But] I learned that 80% of my blog’s success was NOT from creating content. Well that explains a lot, hah! I also learned how to maximize the impact of my efforts.

… to Doing What Really Matters, and Doing it RIGHT

You see, a lot of “experts” whole promotion strategy comes down to this: “Write a ton of guest posts.” And that’s it…

Deacon was all too familiar with this kind of advice. And yes, guest posts do work. But if you have a limited amount of time to work on your blog, you’ll run into the same problem as Deacon did:

I poured everything I had into my own amazing content. How was I supposed to then go and write guest posts for other people’s blogs also? It was overwhelming and a little depressing.

But Blog that Converts helped Deacon solve those problems:

BTC solved both of these problems for me. Because Derek doesn’t teach you to burn yourself out writing guest posts. I don’t have time for that… [Instead] the overall impact of my content is multiplied!

Getting Closer to Your Dreams

Of course, the more time you can invest in your blog, the faster it can grow. But Deacon’s story shows:

Even if your time is very limited, there IS a way. And Blog that Converts can help forge a path that gets you there:

I couldn’t be happier with BTC – it’s solving so many problems for me as a young family man with very limited time. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to see my dreams get closer every single day!

Deacon is building on his dream. Are you?

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