Meet Donna, the Social Media Specialist Who Had Enough of “Slow and Steady” Growth and Doubled Her Subscribers (In Less Than 12 Months)

Donna is a social media and visual marketing specialist from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Donna’s blog was growing… SLOWLY. So she enrolled in Blog that Converts with hopes of finding her voice and a faster way of building her email list. And her results speak for themselves:

Donna went from “slow and steady” to EXPLOSIVE growth. She doubled her traffic. She doubled engagement. And she doubled her subscribers.

“My blog was growing steadily, but not at the rate I had hoped…”

Donna wasn’t a complete beginner when she joined Blog that Converts. In fact, she got her blog off to a pretty good start…

But the growth was MUCH slower than she had hoped:

I was struggling with finding my voice on my blog and building my subscriber list. It was growing steadily but not at the rate I had hoped. I was becoming known for a great “blog” about social media, and I had done a couple of successful guest posts. I had some wonderful paying clients but I wanted to move away from 1:1 consultations to online training.

She wanted to grow FASTER. She wanted to stop trading time for money. And she had enough of the limited earning potential of 1:1 consultations…

In short: Donna was ready to take her blog to the next level. But how?

You’re (Probably) Doing it Wrong…

You see, there are 3 ways to grow a blog:

The first method leads to SLOW, gradual growth.

The second way leads to slightly faster growth, but it’s still gradual. It’s what you get when you write a few guest posts. Much like what Donna was doing:

I was starting to do guest posts for major social media sites in America and Europe. But I was still finding my direction. I was at the point of wanting to develop products, but did not have clarity about who they would target.

The problem? The growth is still gradual. And it’s a tedious, unsustainable way to grow your blog.

It also doesn’t get you instant credibility, which is what you need if you want to position yourself as an authority.

But there’s a THIRD way, that most people don’t know about…

The Secret of Explosive Blog Growth

The Blog that Converts promotion strategy is built around the idea of EXPLOSIVE growth. It’s the exact strategy I used to grow Social Triggers to more than 200k subscribers…

I reveal the complete strategy inside the training. Plus, I give you the step-by-step instructions, so you can use it for your blog.

Here’s what Donna says:

It was not until I decided to join Blog that Converts that I had a massive series of A-ha Moments and started to make some small but significant changes that have had huge results in traffic and subscribers. Even in making some small changes on my blog and in the way that I am guest posting, my subscribers have officially doubled.

And her results speak for themselves…

2X Traffic, 2X Engagement, 2X Subscribers

She got more TRAFFIC:

It has coincided (not surprisingly) with my blog traffic doubling for unique visitors and and almost tripling in page views in November/December.

She got more ENGAGEMENT:

I have had double the engagement – Tweets, comments, Likes, Pins – on my posts in the last 3 months [since implementing what I learned in BTC].

And she got more SUBSCRIBERS:

My subscribers have officially doubled in November/December. Although my numbers still have a long way to go, that is a massive jump that I had not been able to achieve before.

And yes…

All of these increases are from using Derek’s promotion method from Blog that Converts!

Doubling your growth is awesome. And it comes with some additional benefits. Donna is now a respected authority in the field of visual marketing:

  • Donna is regularly mentioned as an visual marketing expert
  • Donna has been featured by some of the biggest social media sites in the world
  • Donna regularly gets invited to comment and speak on visual social media

Blog that Converts helped Donna get the blog growth she wanted AND the the recognition she deserved:

I can safely say that Blog that Converts, converts!

Now, promotion is one little piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. I also go over a lot of other essential material like:

  • How to pinpoint your ideal readers and create content they want to read and share
  • The exact sales sequence to sell your products and services

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