Meet Scott, the Personal Development Blogger Who Grew His Email List 43% (By Working Smarter, Not Harder)

Scott runs LifeLong Learner, a personal development blog. He wants to help his readers step up their game in different areas of life. And he does it by sharing his own story. Scott was trying to grow his blog readership. But the only way he knew how, was by aimlessly creating more and more content…

BTC taught Scott to work SMARTER, not harder. Most importantly, he found a clear direction for his blog. He grew his email list by 43%, started generating revenue from his blog, and landed two prestigious speaking gigs.

“I thought the key to building a blog readership was creating more content. So I slaved and slaved, with little results.”

You know what sucks?

Working your butt off… and not getting anything in return. You start to ask yourself:

“What am I doing this for? Does this blogging thing really work?”

And when Scott started his blog, he knew that feeling a little too well…

No Clear Direction, No Results

Scott was working HARD. But he was only getting minimal results…

The problem? Scott felt like he was missing a clear direction for his blog. And all he knew was to create MORE content:

I was creating content aimlessly with no clear direction.

I like to call this the “spaghetti cannon” approach: You just shoot content at the wall, and see what sticks!

But there was something else wrong with Scott’s approach in the beginning… He was building his social media following instead of building an email list:

I also thought the most important thing was a large social media following Vs. email address…Doh!

Social media has its place, but if you want to make MONEY with your blog, you need to turn visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into customers.

(It’s how I built a 7-figure business. And Blog that Converts walks you through the whole process: from creating content, to generating traffic, optimizing your conversions, and making sales.)

So how did Scott escape the more content trap. And how did he find a clear direction for his blog?

Finding Your Audience and Gaining Instant Credibility

Well, one of the FIRST things I cover inside Blog that Converts is how to find your audience, narrow down your niche, and gain instant credibility.

It’s just one example of a technique that consistently gets amazing results for my students. And it worked for Scott:

I wasn’t able to understand my true audience because I wasn’t focused on collecting email addresses. Now I not only understand my audience better, but also can communicate with them easier!

You see, I don’t believe in doing anything just because it’s what you’re “supposed” to do…

And Blog that Converts is built on the idea that your blog is here to HELP you build a business – or fuel your existing business – not take time AWAY from it:

Derek’s course makes you think about maintaining a blog and writing content in a whole new way. Before I was just creating content to gain influence… I now have a ton more direction to my content creation and it’s actually driving revenue!

Getting the Maximum Value from Your Content

Once Scott started following the BTC blueprint, the results came quickly:

I grew my email list 48%. Plus, I launched two digital products that have made me more than 1K, with another one on the way! I also received speaking opportunities to the Consulate of CANADA on my blog niche and Hofstra University!


Thinking about joining Blog that Converts? Here’s what Scott says about the training:

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get serious about building an online platform and getting the maximum value from their content (…) Derek teaches you how to “work smart” instead of slave away to get results.

And guess what! Two years later Scott has turned his blog into a 6-figure a year business! Of course, I can’t guarantee you’ll get those kinds of results. BUT…

…Scott’s story shows what’s POSSIBLE when you commit to your goals and take action.

Now, creating your first product or service is only one piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. The training covers a lot more material like:

  • How to turn your blog into a lead-generation machine
  • How to use our sales sequence to start making sales right away

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