Meet Jill, the Tutor Who Learned “Done” Is Better than “Perfect” And Made $17,425 in 10 Days

Jill is a tutor who helps other teachers turn their skills into a business. She loves how tutors can make money AND make a real difference by teaching kids. Jill knew her blog for tutors could eventually turn into a business. She just didn’t know how exactly. And her email list was colder than Canada in winter… She had only 243 subscribers.

But within two months of joining BTC, Jill’s email list grew to 2,700 subscribers. Then, she more than DOUBLED it again (to over 6,100 subscribers). Yes, Blog that Converts helped Jill create a loyal group of fans who were enthralled with what she had to offer.

“Before BTC, I was lost in the throes of too complex, too many pages and making everything too perfect.”

Jill KNEW that blogging was the best way to build her audience.

But – maybe because she’s a teacher – she always felt like she needed to have all the answers ahead of time…

…so when she first set out to create her blog, she wanted it to be PERFECT.

Putting in Maximum Effort, But Only Getting Minimal Results

Jill started reading every blog about blogging she could find. And what did she get? 50 different “experts”, each telling her to do 13 different things…

And because she wanted her blog to be perfect, she tried to implement every single tip. The problem? There’s NO POINT in making all these small changes, if your main approach is flawed…

Prior to Blog that Converts, I was under the impression that I needed to create a lot of content. And even though I’m prolific, it was like throwing paint at the wall: Hit or miss.

Jill created a lot of content. And put a lot of thought into each piece. But nothing was connected. It all seemed so complicated. And it didn’t work… Jill had 243 subscribers, meaning:

Her carefully crafted content was read by almost no one.

Jill was following lots of disconnected advice. And she didn’t know how to put it all together. But that’s exactly where Blog that Converts comes in…

A System that Works (and Works Together)

Blog that Converts isn’t just a collection of blogging tips. It’s a system in which all the pieces work together…

It begins with your content. Jill says:

Instead of generating a LOT of useless content no one reads, Derek helped me structure my blog with those pieces that were important.

And that’s when things started to turn around for Jill and her blog… She learned how to create content that people WANT to read and share (one of her first articles got 203 Tweets, and 91 Facebook shares).

Plus, she wasn’t wasting all her time anymore:

Now I spend 20% creating and 80% promoting. It’s such a relief, really. There’s nothing worse than having all this content that no one sees.

And Jill generated massive results with the Blog that Converts promotion strategy… Within 2 months, her email list EXPLODED from 243 subscribers to 2,700 subscribers!

Putting all the pieces together, Jill got TRAFFIC, SUBSCRIBERS, and made…

$17,425 in 10 Days

That’s right. Because Jill followed the Blog that Converts System STEP-BY-STEP, the people on her list were EAGER TO BUY, when she launched her first product:

My first launch – which I did in 10 days – I freaked and shut the doors because I was concerned I couldn’t help that many [people]. It was awesome. I made $17,425 – and was asked “but what about coaching?”

Pretty amazing. Her subscribers were ASKING Jill to offer coaching! So she did, and made another $6K. (Bringing in a total of $23,425.)

If you take the content in Blog that Converts and IMPLEMENT one thing each day or each week you can’t NOT succeed. It’s not a race, just learn and take action. That simple.

You can read all the blogs in the world, like Jill used to when she was trying to create the “perfect” blog…

…but she moved on from “perfecting” to actually DOING it.

How? By following a PROVEN system.

Now, as you know, making sales is only one little piece of Blog that Converts 2.0. I also go over a lot of other essential material like:

  • How to create instant credibility with your audience
  • The exact sales sequence to sell your products and services

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