Meet Dan, the Coach Who Was Unsure a Blog Would Help His Business… But Went On to 4X His Sales

Dan is a business coach. He believes everyone needs to know how to make a great first impression. And that’s what he teaches his clients. But Dan wanted to sell his coaching service online. Why? Because he wanted to show more people how to take control of that critical moment when you first meet someone. But Dan wasn’t sure a BLOG would really help his business…

But Dan put his trust in BTC: Starting from ZERO, he grew his email list to over 800 subscribers in six months. And quadrupled his sales (yes, that’s 4X) within a year!

“I thought a blog had no place in our marketing plan”

It’s TOUGH to sell your product or service when there’s no one in the room. And when you do stumble on a lead?

Well, you have to fight tooth and nail to close! Because your business DEPENDS on every sale…

That’s why I believe you have to build an audience FIRST. And then start selling. I also believe a blog is the BEST way to do it. But Dan wasn’t so sure about that. Here’s why:

The main reason we decided against creating a blog when we started our business was the mistaken impression that we would have to create two to three pieces of content, every week.

Busting the “More Content” Myth…

I see it all the time. Business owners think running a blog means updating it 2, 3 or even 4 times a week. And I get it…

As a business owner you’re busy. You have a business to run. You have clients to take care of. So how in the world are you going to write 4 articles every week?

The truth is, you don’t have to. It’s what I call the “More Content Myth”:

To think that a blog that fuels your business is all about creating more and more content. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. And that’s what Dan soon realized, too…

…And Understanding What Really Matters:

You see, it doesn’t matter how MUCH content you create. What matters is that you create the RIGHT content:

Blog that Converts taught us that you only need a few pieces of content. This has simplified our messaging, and allowed us to concentrate on spreading the word, not writing more content, or creating more videos.

For Dan, one of the strategies in particular – the SPS technique – was a game-changer:

The SPS technique was a game-changer for me. The first thing I did was change the name of our company after we realized that the original name did not communicate what we do the way an SPS does.

More Subscribers, More Products… and More Sales

Dan started with ZERO subscribers. And in just 6 months, he built an email list of more than 800 people. But here’s the best part:

They’re all REAL PEOPLE (not fake “likes”) who are interested in what Dan’s selling. In fact, they were BEGGING him to make an offer…

So Dan created an online course. And with help from the sales strategies in Blog That Converts, the sales started coming in:

Blog that Converts showed me how a blog could be used to help sell an online course. And the sales of our online course grew over 4X from year-to-year.

And it doesn’t stop there. Based on the feedback from his audience, Dan went on to create ANOTHER course. And he was able to sell it at a higher price point!

We’ve also raised the price of our follow-up course by 2X because of the success of the 1st course.

Here’s Dan’s advice if you’re thinking about joining Blog that Converts:

Take the time to go through the entire course… twice. The first time is to let the ideas percolate and grow. The second time is when you make great progress with the worksheets since the concepts are no longer foreign.

Dan was unsure how a blog would help his business…

…until he joined Blog that Converts and saw how a blog could help him generate revenue, in his own business.

Now, creating online courses is a only a small part of Blog that Converts 2.0. I also go over a lot of other essential material like:

  • How to create instant credibility with your audience
  • The exact sales sequence to use to sell your products or services

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