Meet Nicole, the Voice-Over Artist Who Doubled Her Income By Starting a Side-Business as a Health Coach

Nicole is a voice-over artist with lots of talents and interests:

At age 40, she decided it was a smart move to create some side income. Just in case her voice-over work ever slowed down.

So Nicole joined Blog that Converts. And within a short time, she built an audience of almost 1,000 people. Now, that’s not a HUGE list…

But as Nicole soon realized, you can have big profits from small audiences, too. Want to find out how she did it? Keep reading and watch the videos below. You’ll learn:

  • How Nicole built a side-business from scratch that DOUBLED her income… by doing what she loves!
  • How she was able to generate big profits from a small list
  • How she found her focus by asking the right questions
  • How she finds the time to run her business
  • Why Blog that Converts was a turning point in her business

I Wanted to Make Money, Doing What I Love

Making money on the side is great. But when you can make money by doing what you love… Well, how AWESOME would that be?

For Nicole, nutrition and health have always been a passion. And that was the starting point for her blog. She talks about it in the first video.

Plus, you’ll hear about the TWO different ways you can turn YOUR interests into a business:

Now, Nicole started generating income by offering a coaching service. And then developed her monetization strategy from there (something we talk about in-depth in Module 4 of Blog that Converts).

But here’s what’s most interesting…

Nicole DOUBLED her total income, with a list of only 924 people! And she shares how that’s even possible, right here:

How Blog that Converts Helped Nicole With One Of Her Biggest Struggles

Nicole wasn’t a business person. She started from scratch, so one of her biggest struggles in the beginning was: “Where do I even get started?”

But Blog that Converts helped her gain clarity and focus. And she shares HOW in this next video:

Blog that Converts helped Nicole get on the right track. Fortunately! Because before that, she was on the fast track to burning out and giving up…

“I was exhausted… And I started to DREAD my own business.”

Remember, Nicole wanted to create a side-business, by doing what she loved. But what happened?

Following the advice of some “experts”, she put herself on a GRUELING schedule: Nicole was trying to create new content 4 times A WEEK!

All because she believed that constantly pumping out more content was the only way to grow her blog…

But then, everything changed. Nicole learned about the 80/20 rule of blog growth, and how to repurpose her content – a real Ah-ha moment for her:

The Freedom to Do Things the Way You Want to

Nicole was able to ENJOY working on her blog again. Which was WHY she started it in the first place!

And now that Nicole has a blog that fuels a side-business that makes up half of her total income…

…I asked her about the BEST part of running a blog-based business:

Finally, I asked Nicole about her biggest insight from Blog that Converts:

What she said surprised me… But it’s a boost of motivation for anyone who wants to start their own blog-based business.

She also explains why Blog that Converts is the real deal, and how it stands out against other training programs:

For Nicole Blog that Converts was the turning point: She turned her passion into a business.

Nicole did it. And so can you!

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